Mosquito Man Duathlon Video

>> Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten days ago was the Mosquito Man Duathlon which was the super fun, low-key, run / bike / run / bike / run event put on by Gear West Bike and Triathlon. (Here's my epic race report if you missed it.)

Curt Wood from Gear West put together this great 5 minute recap video. Check this out:

Click here to go to the video on Vimeo

Things to note:

1:14-1:46 - Curt's interview with me pre-race. Check it out. Or skip over it. Whatever. See if I care. (I'm awkward in front of the camera, which I why I prefer to be behind the camera...)
1:37-1:39 - During my interview, you can see my breath a few times. I forgot just how chilly that morning was. I'm ready for fall, but NOT winter!
2:27 - If you look closely, just before the cut, you can see Pharmie wrapped in a blue quilt while taking photos to the left of the video. She's cute. ;)
3:08-3:10 - Super volunteer Erik Hull working bike mount / dismount. With all that was going on, his head was on a swivel all morning!
3:22-4:08 - That's NOT illegal drafting on the bike. The "team" race allowed teammates to work with each other, so they could draft one another.
4:08-4:14 - That was the little bastard of a hill I mentioned in my race report.
4:56-4:57 - Yep, that was me with a quick smile and wave. I believe that was on the second of the 3 runs.
5:04-5:07 - Yep (again), that was me chasing Julie Hull into T3 getting ready to start the final bike.

Fun race! And great video! Thanks for putting this together, Curt!

Back soon with lots of race photos from Pharmie's Rev3 Half Iron Race this past weekend! (Local pro DKT took 3rd in the full iron race - his FIRST full iron race! Click here to read about it and see photos of him kickin' butt.)


B. Kramer 12:18 PM, September 14, 2010  

Very cool video. Congrats again on a great race. Cheers!

Unknown 8:03 PM, September 14, 2010  

Nice video!! Love watching other people race!!

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