Friday Funny 91: "Do You Have ANY Idea Who I Am?"

>> Friday, May 07, 2010

(Make sure to say the title of the post with your nose in the air like a bratty, snotty 19 year old "trust fund baby.")

Last weekend, I saw the April / May 2010 "Midwest Events Magazine" for the first time. It's a local magazine that shows up on free newstands (like at gyms, coffee shops, bookstores, etc). This is what the April / May 2010 issue looks like:

Inside, near the back, there's a spread that looks like this:

Sean Pease did a great little 3-page spread on me!! How cool is that?!? Here's the first page, and you can read the VERY kind words that Sean had to say as the intro for the article:

Awww, shucks. Thanks Sean!

Here's the next page:

Click the image for a larger (more readable) version

After you've read that, I'd like to point some things out:

• Cathy Yndestad (the USAT Female Triathlete of the Year) snapped that GREAT photo of me used on that page. It's from the Liberty Triathlon last year. Thanks Cathy! You're published! ;) (Oh, and on that note, Pharmie took the big photo on the first page, so she's a published photographer too!)

• If you didn't know the whole story of why my blog is called "Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!", now you do!

• Don't tease me for that swim time. We all start somewhere! I actually fondly look back on that race quite often.

• There are lots of "THANKS" to be said in the part about improving my swim. Coach Jen Harrison lets me swim her workouts with Julia, and it's been making me faster. So thanks Jen and Julia! And "the gang" that I refer to are all the people that sometimes swim with Julia: Kelly, Steve H, Steve T, Kathryn, Pam, Sara, Dan, and anyone else I might be forgetting!

• Now you know how Pharmie got her name as well! AND you know her real name!

• I doubt anyone knows the first point under "What is one (or two) things that most people wouldn't know about you?" But none of you should be surprised. ;)

Here's the final page of the interview:

Click the image for a larger (more readable) version

• Diet Root Beer TOTALLY counts! Right?...

• They edited out a part about Linsey Corbin's butt. Right after the last sentence in that section, there SHOULD be this:

In fact, if you search youtube for a video called "Linsey Corbin's Butt," you might just find it under my account. Jeez, sometimes I seem pretty creepy....

• My "oddest" race experience IS pretty odd. But I didn't even mention that there was a cat toy in my running shoe, so I did the 13.1 mile run with my big toe pushing up against one of Kermit's toys! Here's part 1 of that race report, and here's part 2.

• And here are 2 questions that Sean asked that got totally edited out:

Who would win in a fight....Mark Bongers vs. John Larson? [These are 2 pretty well-known local race directors: Mark runs Final Stretch, and John runs Team Ortho.] Sorry John, but I think Mark would take you. Those redheads... they're scrappy! Plus, the Team Ortho jerseys seem to have a target right on the middle of the chest. Ha!

Tell us about your 2 cats - names, personalities, unique characteristics. I'll let my wife field this one: "We've always joked that they actually have the personality of dogs. They love people, fetching, and rolling in gross things. Ella is twitchy and excitable like a young labrador. Kermit is low-key and docile like a bloodhound." Yes, one of our cats is named Kermit even though they are sisters. I told Sarah that I REALLY needed to name something "Kermit," and it was either one of our cats, or one of our (future) kids. So now we have a female cat named Kermit.

So if you're a local, pick up a copy of Midwest Events and look for that article! Thanks for the interview, Sean!

Happy Friday!


Cyborg Queen 9:37 AM, May 07, 2010  

Way to go Steve! You're famous! :-)

Gabriel Losa 9:42 AM, May 07, 2010  

Ha! Great interview!

kristen 9:52 AM, May 07, 2010  

Love it. I read the whole thing wondering if he would ask you about any pre-race activities that you follow if you are trying to PR...but alas, you kept the content PG.

RobbyB 10:21 AM, May 07, 2010  

I missed "cereal" in your list of passions. :)

(Have you ever put diet root beer on your cereal?)

Matty O 10:24 AM, May 07, 2010  

Great write up. Captured you to a "T" haha.

You are one of the most entertaining blogs I follow :)

teacherwoman 11:12 AM, May 07, 2010  

That is too cool! I still love that profile picture of you "flying" while running!

Christi 11:19 AM, May 07, 2010  

You are getting more and more famous! Will you remember us lowly folks?

SteveQ 11:43 AM, May 07, 2010  

Do we really need a closer look at anyone in a Speedo?

Tammy 1:48 PM, May 07, 2010  

Awesome! And LOVE that running shot.

Matt Ellenberger 4:12 PM, May 07, 2010  

Congrats steve! I'll pick up a copy when I swing by Marathon Sports next week to pick up my packet for the TC1 mile

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 4:12 PM, May 07, 2010  

Awesome Steve! Glad you finally got your copy! It looks really good laid out on your blog goal with Midwest Events is to capture the essence of some of our local multisport athletes, and we have a lot of great ones to be proud of! Thanks for popping my proverbial cherry in the publishing world of interviewing. It was a blast putting this together, and on short notice.

Just a plug here...I am doing a stint of small 'profile' type interviews for Midwest Events and need local athletes (runners, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, duathletes) to do write ups on. If your interested, look me up on FB under Sean Pease FSI and shoot me a line!!

Thanks again, Steve! See you soon...


TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian 6:41 PM, May 07, 2010  

Makin' all of us age-groupers proud. (sniff) Yep, you are.

Stay tuned...

Alili 9:01 PM, May 07, 2010  

What a great article! I always look to your blog for a good laugh and great race reports - keep it up. :)

Jumper 2.0 6:03 AM, May 08, 2010  

Steve! I love how the article is subtitled "a closer look". With swass, blisters and shots of you in porta-johns do we really need a closer look?????


Jumper 2.0 6:03 AM, May 08, 2010  
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Shannon 10:06 AM, May 08, 2010  

Loved the piece on you and the additional information. I had no idea you grew up in Wells. I went to St. Clair and have family in Wells.

Jim Smith II 8:25 AM, May 09, 2010  

Alright, I'll say it, I've got a little bit of a man-crush going here ;-)

Great article Steve (and Sean)!!

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