First Open Water Swim of 2010!!

>> Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last week, I FINALLY got the e-mail I was waiting for: Julia was ready to hit Square Lake for an open water swim!! Steve H had tested the water the week before, and it was in the lower 60s. When we got out there on Wednesday morning, the water temp had risen to 72 degrees! That’s GREAT swimming weather!

At the park, Julia remarked that her suit still tasted salty from her ocean swim at the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas a few weeks back:

If you’re asking “why,” you’re not the only one. ;)

Marit was in town, and she brought Vasoline. I THINK this was in case we needed to smear it on our face to keep us warm in cold water, but with her expression, one can never be sure:

Here’s the gang getting ready to hop in:

Steve T, Julia, Marit, Steve H, and Pharmie

(Steve T’s not getting changed because he had to defend his “polar bear” title from last year when he was the first one in our group to go wetsuit-free. So he just swam in his Speedo. His title’s safe for another year.)

The plan was to swim around the lake. We went buoy-to-buoy starting here and working counter-clockwise:

What a beautiful swim!! Pharmie kept telling us to go ahead without her (she’s not fast but she can go forever [*wink wink*]), so we kept an eye on her and swam on. We finished in about an hour. When we got done, I ran up to my camera to get a photo of Pharmie coming out of the water just behind us:

And then I got a photo of Steve H without any pants on:

You simply can NOT trust me with a camera. ;)

Thanks for the great swim everyone!


SteveQ 10:42 AM, May 29, 2010  

Looking at the last photo, I had to check my own knee to see whether there's something wrong with his patellar tendon or with mine. Still not sure...

Jumper 2.0 11:05 AM, May 29, 2010  

I agree, that knee looks wicked!

Jealous regarding the open water swim. But that will be remedied on Monday!

Kathy 6:04 PM, May 29, 2010  

YOu guys should have come here for your OWS. :) We had our 10km from Cancun-Isla Mujeres today. Lovely glassy sea.

triguyjt 8:05 PM, May 30, 2010  

I would never go near you if you had a camera!!

Christine 4:45 AM, June 01, 2010  

Very nice swim story....

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