Rhonda’s Had A Makeover!

>> Friday, August 24, 2007

It’s true. Big Rhonda, The Dyke Bike, just had an overhaul. I had her fitted to me earlier this week. I had a “Professional Fit” done, which took 2 hours and drained my wallet. We now work as one. She also lost a little weight. Those clunky toe-cages? Gone. In their place: sweet, sweet clipless pedals.

I know what you’re thinking: “Steve, isn’t it a little close to Ironman to be making major changes?” No, and mind your own business. No really though, I talked to Chris (who fitted me), and he said that after a true-fit, I am just better in tune with my bike. It’s not going to be something that I’ll have to “break-in” or get used to. I believed him. I hope to take Rhonda for a nice quick ride tonight to see how things go, and then for a speedy 60-miler this weekend.

Anyway, I would have had my bike fitted earlier, but I was busy turning this:

...into this:


John 11:04 AM, August 24, 2007  

Kitchen look great... and so does Rhonda!

Benson 12:04 PM, August 24, 2007  

Wow! nice kitchen.
A good bike fit is priceless.

momo 12:09 PM, August 24, 2007  

i had the same experience with my bike fitting - when you get it done right, it works - no "getting used to it" period.

the kitchen looks fantabulous! great job!!!

RobbyB 1:31 PM, August 24, 2007  

phenomenal work on the kitchen! do you hire out?

Gordon 2:16 PM, August 24, 2007  

dang man, that kitchen looks awesome! kerry and i are starting to look for a place, and i've been trying to advocate a place that would be cheaper and maybe require some updating (like a kitchen). how long did it take you guys to do all of that? and did you contract it or do it yourself?

also congrats on the new fit. it's the single best thing you can buy for a bike!

Tri-Dummy 9:35 PM, August 24, 2007  

Did you do that during IM training? Say no. PLeez.

If my wife sees that...she's going to kick my yape all the way to Madison.

I've been swatting away "honey do's" like Yao swats away BBalls.

Marcy 6:45 AM, August 25, 2007  

Sweet!!! I've got a bunch of projects you can do around here. Let me work on the list . . :P

Spokane Al 9:04 AM, August 25, 2007  

Wow - very, very nice job on the kitchen.

And the bike fit? - Priceless.

teacherwoman 1:54 PM, August 25, 2007  

Glad to hear you were able to give Rhonda an upgrade! And the kitche looks gorgeous! VERY NICE!

Unknown 2:53 PM, August 25, 2007  

Kitchen looks really nice!

ShesAlwaysWrite 5:16 PM, August 26, 2007  

Gorgeous kitchen redo!!

Hope you love your clipless pedals as much as I love mine! Everyone warned me they take forever to get used to and to put off getting them, but the cages made me fall down a lot and I figured it couldn't get much worse. Turns out I took to clipless like a duck to water and never looked back.

RunBubbaRun 6:25 PM, August 26, 2007  

Hey nice kitchen, so the place is almost ready for TRI squatters who happen to be in the area?

Good luck with the bike fit, I think I finally got used to mine.. Oh yeah, that does take a chunk out of the TRI funds

Andra Sue 9:28 PM, August 26, 2007  

Nice job on the kitchen remodel!!! Looks awesome. And if you worked on that during IM training? Geez Louise, what a stud. I'm seriously impressed. :)

Born To Endure 6:25 AM, August 27, 2007  

Whoaaaaaaa, nice job..love it.

kxux 7:52 AM, August 31, 2007  

Wow that is great remodeling job man. And while you train for ironman - wow again.

Unknown 11:58 AM, September 05, 2007  

Rhonda the Dyke bike - that cracked me up.
LOVE the new kitchen, you are a man of many talents!

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