First Half of 2018 Training Numbers

>> Saturday, July 07, 2018

Here are my January through June training numbers: (Sidenote: I'm not quite nerdy enough to make these graphs on my own; they are just my monthly totals graphed out by

Monthly swim, bike, and run DISTANCE. It was a loooong winter.

Monthly TIME spent at swim, bike, run, strength, and "sports" (which is all trainer time).
Quite even. May is a bit of a dip because I raced a lot (and therefore rested a lot, too).

SWIM: 87,950 yards
BIKE: 404.39 miles (or 1,117.06 miles adding in 35+ hours on the trainer at 20 mph)
RUN: 416.27 miles

The relatively even total values in the 2nd chart is good to see. I've been putting in the miles. Still working on TRAINING HARDER. But my overall fitness is at a good spot right now.


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