Post-Triathlon Weight Gain

>> Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I’m 99% sure that last weekend’s triathlon was the last multisport race of the year for me. And my body didn’t take long to realize that.

Pretty much all summer, I’ve been floating at 159-161 lbs. I don’t weigh myself every day, but here’s when I did 2 days before the race:

160.8 = pretty standard.

Then a day after the race, I was up 2 pounds:

162.8 = on the higher end of “average,” but OK.

Then somehow (magically), I gained almost another 3 lbs in 24 hours:

165.4 = my highest weight all summer.

It’s cool. Triathlon season is over. I can gain a little weight. I’ve run the math - if I keep this up, I’ll only be 318 lbs by Christmas. I can work some of that off in the new year.


Unknown 10:22 AM, August 16, 2017  

Uh Steve, 159-191 lbs is kind of a big fluctuation! I can't picture you at 191 lbs :) (p.s. remember me, Kim K. used to have the tri blog(s) Teta Equals Booby and Locked and Loaded?)

Steve Stenzel 8:10 AM, August 17, 2017  

Ha! Oops, fixed it. Should be 159-161! And YES! I remember you Kim!!! Hope all is well!!

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