Waconia Triathlon "Best Friends Relay" with Devon and Jeremy

>> Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Sunday was my second triathlon relay in as many days. I had done the North Mankato Triathlon with lots of family the day before. (CLICK HERE for that race report.) Devon and I were teaming up as Best Friends, and Devon picked former student, current racing buddy, and recent relay partner Jeremy as the 3rd on our team.

The 800 meter swim seemed a lot bigger in Lake Waconia than the 400 meter swim in tiny Hinkier Pond looked the day before:

Out along the left, past 3 yellow buoys (hard to see) way out there, and back on the right.

Bad blood between Devon and another relay biker.

It got ugly (even with handsome Devon in the mix).

TRUE STORY: We were told multiple times that there were people at the race who knew how to beat our team. It sounded under-handed. It sounded possibly illegal. It was never aimed at me or Jeremy, but always at Devon. We played cool, but I was worried. There was a PLAN to take Devon down.

Jeremy had a hard time stepping over the fence on the edge of transition by our spot. This prompted giving ourselves nicknames before the race:

- Steve "has the swim stroke of a Costco-sized sack of potatoes" Stenzel
- Devon "at least he's pretty" Palmer
- Jeremy "as flexible as a block of concrete" Reichenberger

People doing this thing... I think it's pronounced "warming up?"
Am I saying that right? It's foreign to me.

In the first wave again - 2 days in a row.

Jeremy snapped a shot of me giving a "Best Friends Thumbs-Up"
just 20 seconds before the race started.


So we all know swimming is my weakest event. I'd LOVE to be running, but I'm still coming back from my ankle injury. I started way to the outside (as seen in that last photo.) I STAYED way to the outside the entire way, and kept swerving outside. It was not a very straight swim for me. I was still way outside when it was time to turn right along the backstretch. I looked at my watch in the middle of the backstretch - I had a sub-par first half of this swim, so I wondered if I could even-split this (something I rarely do in swims). My time was 7:30, so I wondered if I could make it back by 15:00 (which is what I told Devon and Jeremy would be my best possible swim).

I swam straighter on the way back, but I popped up once to hack up some lake water that shot into my mouth. Back in transition, Devon and the "other" biker were waiting. It was awkward:

I was confused by this pantsless girl.

I hit the beach in just over 15:00 (15:44 by the time I ran to T1), so things were good.

Running to my best friend.

Devon taking my chip.

Devon's fast ON the bike, but he's not that fast GETTING on his bike.

Heading off on his 20 mile ride.

Back in transition, I saw that the "other" team's swimmer beat me back. We knew that would happen. Angie was swimming for them, and she's a stud in the water. I didn't get a photo with her, but Angie appeared on my blog once before - it was in this post posted shortly after my 2011 Lake Marion Tri race report. Here's Angie next to me, Matt, and CY:

Devon rode hard and made it back soon than he had anticipated. I was cheering with his girlfriend as he came riding by:

Running back to transition (not very fast).

Again, Devon's fast ON his bike. But not getting on, getting off, or running with his bike. I can say this because we're best friends. I'm not picking on him - I'm trying to make him better.

Devon, here are 2 examples of better ways to dismount than your "come to an awkward stop, hop off, and run with a cob up your butt" method. Just before you came in, we watched John (I think) put on an absolute CLINIC on how to dismount. He was off and running with his bike at my 5K pace without breaking stride:

And just after you, big sexy Ross came rolling in. He's so big (and sexy) that he just carries his bike cyclocross style up to transition:

Ross's girlfriend was with me and Devon's girlfriend, and (you can ask them) I was
talking about how great Ross's ass is. Just look at that middle photo. Look.

Anyway Devon, I hope you're able to work on your weakness a bit in the coming weeks.

Jeremy got the chip, and he was off and running the 4 mile course:

In the middle off in the distance.

Jeremy heading out.

Devon told me he caught the "other" team's biker before mile 5. I felt a little bad for Angie, but I got over that pretty quick. I gave their biker a man hug to show my support for his horrible ride:

I look like this a lot. If you're under the impression that I'm
ever NOT awkward, you're wrong. #AwkwardForLife

Jeremy on his way back with NO sign of any other team!

Devon's photo of Jeremy about to take the win, with me on the far right taking more photos.


Post-race with Teddy.


The Gold Guys Best Friends Team: Steve Stenzel, Devon Palmer, Jeremy Reichenberger

- 0.5 mile swim: 15:44, 1:48 pace (5th team)
- T1: 0:46 (3rd team)
- 20 mile bike: 46:03, 26.1 mph (1st team)
- T2: 0:34 (1st team)
- 4 mile run: 26:48, 6:42 pace (2nd team)

Total: 1:29:52
1st out of 12 teams
3 mins and 37 seconds ahead of 2nd place (the "other" team)

We really owe this win to our most handsome team member, Devon. My swim was average. Jeremy's run was pretty good. But Devon's bike was stellar. (Although I teased Devon pre-race that Matthew Payne [the individual winner] could possibly out-split Devon on the bike. And Payne DID - he road a 45:32 [26.4 mph] to Devon's 46:03. And then was able to crank out 5:50s on the run. Beast.)

Oh, and about that plot to take down Devon? Apparently, in this "drafting is not illegal but is heavily discouraged" race, the other team's plan was to wait for Devon to ride past, get in his draft, and then keep up with him while hurling insults at him. Well, it takes a super-human burst of speed to jump into Devon's draft when he flies by, so none of that happened. Cheaters. (I still like you, Angie.)

Accepting our award. Devon's Facebook caption said
"We love friendship, winning and America."

I commented 3 times on this photo of Devon's on Facebook:

First: "We should have walked towards the camera in slow motion."

Then: "p.s. I like friendship first, but THEN America. I enjoy winning, but that comes 3rd. Personally."

Finally: "p.p.s. Thanks for the women's XXS tshirt. My boobs look nice."

And a final SHOUTOUT to Devon's ladyfriend Thea and his puppy friend Teddy for cheering us on!

Back with more about my weekend races shortly. Devon and Jeremy, it was an honor to race with you while taking down an dishonorable team.

p.s. Devon, I don't know if you know this, but the other team's swimmer might be so good because she has sex with their biker. Inter-teammate sex seemed to help them. Just something to think about should we ever team up again...


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