Friday Funny 761: Inappropriate Facebook Updates

>> Friday, July 25, 2014

I've been known to over-share. But I'm not as bad as these people from HappyPlace:

Perfect mom font as well. So much craftier.

Much like hemorrhoids, there is nothing to ease the pain of this post.

Please, let me be the idiot in this situation and let this be fake.

Well, he got the hashtags right, but I don't think a snap PSA will get you off in court.

This guy is both ignorant about sex and under-excited to be the next Joseph & Mary.

I know it's really hard to get an anal bleaching appointment after work, but don't brag.

C'mon, Lisa. Let us share the joy of laughing at Sean.

Drunk driving because no one answered your call is a new passive-aggressive record.

Is it just me, or did no one call 911 before posting to Facebook?

Probably made someone's heart rate go up, that's for sure.

I hope that other guy didn't Google that while driving.

I'm going to say "a.) Henry Clay and b.) all of them."

"I got this." - Completely accurate, totally not reassuring.

If this gets 50k likes, we'll get out of the car.

I guess you could say nothing and leave us ignorant of this behavior.

It's cool, they probably had to fart.

Invent a time machine, study home ec and sex ed, and never have a kid or buy bleach.

I think she's not pregnant because she murdered her boyfriend in the shower.

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