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>> Tuesday, February 05, 2008

OK, so I’ve had some good times running lately. I was happy with my finish from my first half marathon nearly 2 weeks ago, and I somehow placed first in the stair-climb last weekend. I’ve been keeping my bad knee strong, logging some miles, and feeling good about myself. But these good times cannot last.

Today, between classes, I’ll be hitting the pool. It’s not going to be for a fast, sexy 2 mile swim. It’s for drills. Breathing drills. Gross. It will help me A LOT this summer in triathlons, but it feels like boring homework right now. Not nearly as sexy as banging out a speedy 8 mile run.

And biking, well, I need to be working on that too. My swimming and my biking have suffered this winter, but my running is hopefully keeping everything strong.

My one last time to shine this year may be during an early duathlon in May. I’ll be doing the Apple Duathlon for the 3rd year in a row in Sartell. But the weekend before that, I have a little something new planned. I was talking to my brother-in-law, Matt, this weekend, and we realized something. I’m a pretty good runner, and a very average cyclist. Matt is not a great runner, but he’s killer on a bike. “What if we competed in the Gear West Duathlon as a TEAM?” It would be me on the 5K run, Matt on the 28K bike (17.4 miles), and me again on the 4K run. Using our strengths, we could maybe place! Here’s a photo of Matt (looking goofy) with his sister Steph, and tell me that his body doesn’t just scream “power on the bike!”

And then, the weekend after, maybe I could rope Matt into doing his first solo multi-sport event, and we could both do the Apple Duathlon individually. At that point, it’s going to be back to my identity as “regular, middle-of-the-pack, age-grouper Steve” for the rest of the summer. The winning times will be over. Back to reality.


Kim 12:49 PM, February 05, 2008  

ummm your brother-in-law and you make one sexy team! if you wear matching tighty-whiteys! :)

The Lazy Triathlete 12:56 PM, February 05, 2008  

I have to disagree with Kim. We can't have two tighty whitey guys running loose. It looses the magic!!!!

Steve--you will be be at the top of the middle. Look at the postive side.

Pharmie 1:31 PM, February 05, 2008  

Ok, now let's give credit where credit is due. Who came up with this great duo idea???? ;)

Sarah Elaine 6:29 PM, February 05, 2008  

Sounds like you are focussed and strong on your training. And clearly the other commenters have your wardrobe under control...

Jumper 2.0 8:04 PM, February 05, 2008  

I see that Pharmie has learned to keep a very close look of the hairless wonder's blog!



"The Hairless Wonder", kinda like the boy wonder. Steve, I think that should be your League of Triathletes name? Either that or "tightie, whitie man"

Jessica 9:41 PM, February 05, 2008  

steve stenzel, i entered my cat in a cat contest and you should vote for her. see you in class tomorrow!

ps. i voted for your blog, remember?

Mike 10:30 PM, February 05, 2008  

Congrats on the stair climbing victory. There might be something to this tightie whitie running thing. It's possible the powers of the tightie whities aren't limited to running. You should do a triathlon in them. That might be all you need to propel yourself to the front of the pack.

Taconite Boy 6:48 AM, February 06, 2008  

Just did 3000 with drills...


Michelle 8:43 AM, February 06, 2008  

"regular, middle-of-the-pack, age-grouper, Steve".....don't say that. Take that killer run attitude and put it toward swimming and biking. How can you go wrong!

Anonymous,  9:01 AM, February 06, 2008  

Good luck...sounds like a great plan!!

Dana 10:24 AM, February 06, 2008  

You will always be top of the group in our world. Props to Pharmie for thinking of the team idea.

Lance Notstrong 10:36 AM, February 06, 2008  

The big guys are always "beasts" on the bike as Phil Liggett says :-)

brendaj 2:24 PM, February 06, 2008  

I love roping people into doing events. Sounds like you have a great team there!

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