Two Accomplishments, Pretty Much On Par With One Another

>> Friday, December 07, 2007

Accomplishment #1: Ironman WI, 2007.

I received my finishers video a few weeks ago. I was surprised how slow I was moving at the finish – I felt like I was sprinting down the chute. I’m the one in the white sleeveless top and the baggy grey shorts that everyone made fun of:

Accomplishment #2: 100% Completion of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

That’s my stress release once or twice a week. I plop in front of the boob tube for a half hour and play video games. I really haven’t played at all for a few weeks – I seemed to play more as a mental break after all that IM training. Recently, I completely passed GTA:LCS.

That’s right ladies. Not only do I compete in triathlons, I also play video games.

And I’m hairy as hell.

AND, I fluff the covers after I fart in bed.


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Unknown 7:52 AM, December 07, 2007  

Yeah that Pharmie's a lucky girl. There's nothing like a good dutch oven to round out the total package....

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland 8:30 AM, December 07, 2007  

Hmmm, perhaps getting two cars stolen was just karma for your apparently badass skills at stealing virtual cars :-)

Anonymous,  11:42 AM, December 07, 2007  

awesome finishing video!

J~Mom 4:25 PM, December 07, 2007  

If baggy grey shorts work then I am glad you wore them.

21stCenturyMom 5:43 PM, December 07, 2007  

That finishers chute looks like Black Friday at Walmart! You were totally held back!

Spokane Al 6:12 PM, December 07, 2007  

We gotta fluff after farting! What's the use of taking the time to provide a good fart if we can't share it with the one we love?

Marcy 6:34 PM, December 07, 2007  

ROFLMAO! Why yes, you definitely the complete package ;-)

CoachLiz 1:35 AM, December 08, 2007  


Your finisher's video is cool!!! I want a finisher's medal with a cow on it!

brendaj 3:21 AM, December 08, 2007  

You totally deserve to win, especially after the lovely photo gallery in the previous post!

RunBubbaRun 6:10 AM, December 08, 2007  

Nice video, I wish they would give us that 15 seconds of fame for free thou..

Video games and farting, Ahh, the pleasures of being a man...

IronTriTim 3:11 PM, December 08, 2007  

Love the video, carnage at the finish line.

triguyjt 8:13 AM, December 09, 2007  

first video games...... steve you are not getting my vote

TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian 11:07 AM, December 09, 2007  

Boiii... you got skilz!

Stat tuned...

the Dread Pirate Rackham 10:45 AM, December 10, 2007  

playing criminal games, farting in bed...glad to hear you are using your off-season time well.

Lance Notstrong 1:35 PM, December 10, 2007  

You should try World of Warcraft. It gives a whole new meaning to "get your geek on" :-)

tri-mama 4:39 AM, December 11, 2007  

It was the fluffing the covers that got my vote. If only all politicians could be so candid

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