Week in Review: Overtraining?

>> Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ten days ago, I was camping with my boys for 3 days / 2 nights. Then we got home, and I tried to hit the next week (which was last week) relatively hard. Here's what it looked like:

MONDAY was a moderate ride at 20.5 mph.
TUESDAY was a long run with the first 7 just under 7:00 pace.
WEDNESDAY was a quick hard ride: 2x5 mile intervals (22.2 and 22.5 mph).
THURSDAY was a tempo run: 2.5 miles in 14:49 (5:55 pace).
FRIDAY was a ladder swim.
SATURDAY was a medium-to-long run without a Garmin.
SUNDAY was a long (harder) ride with the first 25 on a lot of hills at 20.3 mph.

I realized a while back that I biked and ran too easy all winter. I needed MORE intensity to be starting around the new year, and I didn't do that. So when I started working harder, it was too close to race season. And this past week, I skipped a swim for another bike, and I really started to feel fried by the end of the week. (My "easiest" ride was 25 miles, so that's a 75 min workout that was a LOT harder on my body than even a "hard" 30 min swim that it replaced. Not an even trade.) That's nearly 80 miles on the bike, which is my biggest week since a similar week in September 2015. (And my longest individual ride since last September.)

UPDATE: I dug through my training log. My 79.18 miles biked last week was the most since April of 2010 when I went 86.6 miles (2 rides that were longer than my 2 longest rides this last week [longest being 44 miles down the Gateway Trail], and a short easy ride). Here's a blog post from back then about both rides. No wonder I was feeling a little extra pooped by the end of last week. Sheesh.

Photo between my 2 intervals on Wednesday at 5:45 a.m.

So I'm starting this week a bit easier. I had a nice swim of 100s yesterday (averaging 1:25), and today will probably be just an easier mid-distance run with some good stretching.

I MIGHT be racing on Monday!


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