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>> Saturday, May 12, 2018

A few weeks ago, Coach Kris Swarthout stopped by to interview me for his "Be Better" podcast series.

The Instagram photo that Kris posted outside our house. Charlie's adorable.

HERE'S A LINK to the podcast that you should be able to play from any browser. I believe it's unedited (apart from the added music at the start) - it's just 40 minutes of us chatting about triathlons, family, living in a household with traditionally reversed gender roles, art, and parenthood. And the real reason why I like to wear bright shorts when racing. And how Kris used to stalk Henry (my oldest son) because he was an adorable baby.

I end up gently scolding Charlie a few times (who was in the background watching a DVD with headphones), but Kris left all that in. If you are inclined to think this is cute, jump forward to around the 19:20 mark where Charlie sits on my lap and takes over the interview for 2 minutes.

Thanks for the interview, Kris!

To subscribe or to listen to Kris' "Be Better" podcast on iTunes, CLICK HERE.

To listen to my interview (Episode 15) just off the internet, CLICK HERE. Oh, and (especially if you're a local) check out the previous episode (Episode 14) because Kris interviewed long time Gear West Bike and Tri owner Kevin O’Connor.

* Full disclosure: I haven't listened to most of my interview because I'm awkward and I don't want to hear that. I mainly skipped through it until I found Charlie's part and listen to that while smiling.


Anonymous,  7:48 AM, May 13, 2018  

I'm so disappointed that you don't sound like Officer Marge from Fargo.

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