Family Fun at "Farming of Yesteryear"

>> Monday, September 14, 2015

On Saturday, we loaded up the boys and drove south for 2 hours to go to "Farming of Yesteryear." It's basically lots of old engines, tractors, food, animals, and demonstrations on how things used to be done. My father-in-law is the president of the group that puts it on, so we got to hang out with lots of family too. Here's a dozen pics:

Piggies! There were goats, bunnies, sheep, horses, and kitties too.

My mother-in-law ran a homemade ice cream stand, so between batches,
the kids got to clean the beaters!


Tractor parade.

Lots of family hanging out under Grandma's ice cream tent.


THIS IS NO JOKE: they used an old "bait tank" from a bait shop to cook beef and
potato soup for 300 people. They started a fire under it, stirred it with an oar, and got it
out to serve up with 5 gallon pails. It was pretty good.

Playing in the corn as Uncle Mike watches.

This was just after Jon (left) and I got the engine running that makes the ice cream
(which is in the foreground in the bucket of ice). We were pretty proud.

Our children are strong.

Charlie LOVED the tractors.

Family pic on a big ole' engine.

Dirty hands like Grandpa's by the end of the night!

A naked (except for socks) potty break before heading back home.


Shinianen 2:06 PM, September 14, 2015  

LOL! Your kid photos crack me up.

Also ... is that baby using a gourd as a pacifier?! HAHAHAHAHA.

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