2015 Loony Challenge Goals

>> Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let's lay this all out.

Last year (the 2nd year of the Loony Challenge and my first time doing it), these were my times for the 10K, 5K, and 10 Mile:

38:40, 18:38, 1:01:42 = 1:59:00 total

But, as I mentioned shortly after the race in this post, the 10 Mile was accidentally a little short. My 1:01:42 was equivalent to 1:02:34. So my adjusted Loony time would really look like this:

38:40, 18:38, 1:02:34 = 1:59:52 total

Last year, "sub 2:00:00" was really the best possible goal, and I was able to get that. Barely. Here are my hopes for this year's race this weekend. I like to have multiple goals and see HOW many I can hit. Let's start with the easiest goals and move towards the "if it's a good race" goals:

• FIRST: finish all 3 races. My achilles flared up on my easy Monday run, so I'm not running again until the 10K on Saturday (and I'm trying to get in to my A.R.T. Doc today). I just want to get to the finish line of all 3 races.

• SECOND: try to win the series. Last year, out of the initial 500 who entered the Loony Challenge, I came out on top by over 7 minutes:

I don't think I'm in QUITE as good of shape this year, but 7 minutes is a decent cushion. Depending on who shows up to race, I have a chance at winning again, so I'm going for it.

• THIRD: sub-2:02:00 series finish. That's over 2 minutes slower than last year. I think that's very do-able. I COULD be slower, but I really don't hope to be.

• FOURTH: try to keep my times close to last year's. With the effects of overtraining that I'm currently feeling (as mentioned in Monday's post), I don't know how possible this will be. My 10 Mile time might end up a little down the crapper. We'll see.

• FIFTH: sub-2:00:00 like last year. If these overtraining issues don't really do anything to affect my legs come race day, it's possible to be close to last year's times. I think.

• SIXTH: race PR of sub-1:59:52. This is only 8 seconds faster than my 5th goal, but I'm 99.4% sure this is impossible. Again, we'll just have to see. So this goes down as my "best possible goal" for the race.

One "downside" to this year's Loony Challenge vs. last year's is that the boys are staying with us this year. Last year, we were able to ship them to my Mother-in-Law's house for the weekend, and we were able to go out for breakfast after the 10K and 5K, get a quick massage, TAKE A NAP, and then roll into bed at night before the TC 10 Mile (and Marathon for my wife) whenever we wanted to. So Pharmie and I will be starting the TC 10 Mile/Marathon a LITTLE more pooped than we were last year.

Keep an eye on my tweets and my Instagram over this weekend for updates! Hoping for the best!


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