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>> Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sorry guys, I promised a giveaway today. Well, the "giver" is working out some kinks on their end, but I promise I'll have it for you as soon as I get the green light. It's pretty cool, so stay tuned...

I just saw all the official photos from Saturday's Oakdale Duathlon taken by Minnefota Moments. Here are some of Matt and I from the day:

Start: Kevin, Matthew, and Ross to the left, Brendon and me to the right

The leaders almost 1 mile into the run, and I'm at the FAR left in 8th

That damn pinky.....

So I hate to show this next photo to my teammate and brother-in-law Matt. While he was out biking in the wet and cold, I was chatting with friends while standing under an umbrella near transition. Here I am in the background under the yellow and black umbrella:

Don't hate me Matt....

Kathryn smiling at me cheering for her in T1

Matt working the bike

Matt nearing the end of the bike.
Notice how his socks were white in the last photo, but gray in this one...

Hammering on the bike

Friendly tall-guy Kyle finishing with me 10 seconds behind him
(see that dot back there?)

Hitting the finish

Awkward slowing-down photo with a bit of a moose-knuckle

Oh, and in the race photos, I noticed a lot of "battle cries" on the bike:



BATTLE CRY!! (Nice work, Kevin!)

BATTLE C... Oh, guess not...

BATTL.... Oh... well "peace to you," too...

Uhhh...... I'm leaving this one alone.....

Click here if you missed my Oakdale Duathlon Race Report. Matt and I ("Team Happy Pants") are back in action this Sunday at the Gear West Duathlon! It's RACE SEASON, people!!! ;)


David Goss 8:47 AM, May 19, 2011  

Another finish photo with you clicking stop on your watch. Did you know that they time your run too? Ha! Keep it up Steve!

steele 11:56 AM, May 19, 2011  

I must say, you're awfully easy to spot with those tutti fruity shorts or yours :)

teacherwoman 3:17 PM, May 19, 2011  

LOVE the photos! LOL about the last one!

GoBigGreen 7:29 AM, May 20, 2011  

Um ok the last one? Is our friend mike who rode with a broken seat, finally had to turn around bc it kept slipping. What a bummer. So mind in the gutter isnt always accurate:)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 10:03 AM, May 20, 2011  

Ok, I'm cracking up at the battle cry photos! Hilarious!!

And I have the same CEP socks but in black. They don't change color when wet though. =P

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