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>> Friday, December 01, 2006

It’s December 1st. I’ve been telling myself that at the beginning of December I was going to unofficially start training for my Ironman Triathlon in 10 months. It’s no longer "the future." It’s here right now.

I’m not going to start a training program just yet, but I’m going to start building a strong base. I’m going to start keeping track of every mile, every length of the pool, every trip to the Y - all to guilt me into working and doing more. Guilt: the basis of everything good. Just ask my wife. Ha ha...just kidding honey... Once I start keeping track of all of my physical activity, it’ll keep me going strong. It’ll keep me working toward IM.


There’s a problem though: my IT band on my left leg has not been my best friend in the last few months. If you noticed, in the Turkey Day 5K I had my knee brace on. Yesterday, I wanted to go for a quick run in the morning. My thermometer told me it was 9 degrees, and the morning news said it was 7. AND it was breezy. I handled the temperature OK, but after just 1 mile my knee was in horrible pain. I walked part way home, rolled out my IT band on my new 4-inch white foam roller, and then iced it for a while. I don’t want to do anything stupid, so I’ll be sticking to some pool training for a few weeks. So my IM training has officially started with a sore-ass knee and little physical activity.

On a lighter note, Sarah and I picked up our Christmas tree last night. I think it looks pretty good.

Tree, Kermit the Cat, Steve


Lance Notstrong 4:30 PM, December 04, 2006  

Stretch, stretch, stretch!!!

Kate 3:24 AM, December 06, 2006  

Good luck with that ITB.. I need one of them foam rollers!

1 December is a tough time to be starting training- the beginning of winter (the end not remotely in sight), before the holidays and the rest of the silly season, and not even a momentous or significant day like New Years. Not that I'm being negative or anything...

BUT- Think how much fun it will be training in spring and really relishing the good weather, being able to bike up hills when it's safe to go outside and not having to turn back or slow down (etc) You'll be burning enough calories to fully warrant Xmas indulgences (as a guy that's probably not as high on your list as it is on mine) and from now until IM, December 1 will be THE momentous day. Jan 1 comes once a year, but how often do you officially start your IM journey?

Good luck.. Sorry for the epic!

RunBubbaRun 9:28 PM, December 06, 2006  

I hope your IT band injury has gotten better..

That outfit from the Turkey run is awesome..

Let the IM adventure games begin in '07.

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