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>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First, the bad news:

I signed up late for the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis this year because I wasn’t sure if my knee would be ready. Well, it’s ready. But I didn’t make cut. I hadn’t heard from LTF, so I went to the Expo Friday afternoon. They told me, “Nope, sorry.” I was really hoping I could do that tri. It would have been a blast, just like last year. Super bummer.

Turn bad news in to good news:

Instead of the LTF Tri, I did an unofficial Half-Ironman distance triathlon. Well, nearly. I swam 43 laps in the pool at the Y, drove home and hopped on my bike for 56 miles, got back and went for a run. At the end of my bike, my knee was getting a little sore, and it didn’t hold up well on the run, so I only ran 6.5 miles. The run was half of a half IM distance.

I swam at the pool at the Y. I did 43 laps in the 25 yard pool in 43:34 without using the walls to push off (to mimic open water swimming). Then I got out of the pool, dried off, left the Y, drove home, got my bike ready, made a little poopy, and hoped on my bike. Transition 1 official time was 23:34. Yeah, I’m hoping to take some time off of that during my half IM in 2 weeks.

I biked a hilly course and it was a windy day - perfect training for both the half IM in 2 weeks (Chisago Lakes Half IM) and IM WI in September. The news said the wind was 15-25, and it sucked. But it was good for me. I suppose. I went out on the Gateway and south on 55 nearly into Stillwater and back. Here’s a photo on the rollers at the turn-around point:

My knee got a little sore pushing against that wind, but it was holding up. I figured I wouldn’t try to kill myself on the run, and I’d just go as far as I could. I finished the bike with nearly a 17.5 mph average. My final time was about 3 hours, 10 minutes on the bike (3:23:20 actual time including stops). T2 was better: 4:44.

Then I hit the run. My knee was sore, so took it easy. I walked twice. I’ve NEVER walked on a run before, so that was a new feeling for me.

Unofficial Modified Half Ironman Triathlon:
• Swim: 43 laps (1.22 miles) in 43:34
• T1: 23:34 (drive home, get on bike)
• Bike: 56.3 miles in 3:23:20 (actual time including stops)
• T2: 4:44
• Run: 6.5 miles in 55:59
• Overall: 5:31:13 total time

Oh, more bad news:

I’m still losing weight. After WIBA and that HUGE meal that I ate (see the last post), I still ended up losing a half pound on the weekend. Pharmie and I were grocery shopping the other night, and she was buying me ice cream treats and burritos. She actually admitted to me that she was trying to fatten me up!

Good news!!!!:

When I met with my physical therapist last week, she said that I don’t need to see her anymore! I’m strengthening my butt and knee, and there’s not much more she said she could do for me. We both smiled, we shook hands, I thanked her, and that was that. Thanks for your help, Margi!


Unknown 8:55 AM, July 17, 2007  

Awesome effort, Steve. I'm impressed with your initiative to do that alone with no other racers and support crew to chat with.

Glad to hear that the knee seems to be well on the mend. Wish I was losing weight!!! :)

Joy | Love | Chaos 9:02 AM, July 17, 2007  

Steve, I just don't understand. Even *I'M* still gaining weight from your "recovery" dinner at WIBA. In fact, I blame you for the two pounds that just up and arrive yesterday morning. Took them a while to make it here, but I still blame that pizza.

Steve Stenzel 9:10 AM, July 17, 2007  

IM Able, I'm sorry I'm sending my weight in your direction. I'll stop it. Promise.

E-Speed 9:42 AM, July 17, 2007  

Love that Pharmie is trying to fatten you up!

Sounds like you had a great solo workout. Hope that knee keeps mending!

RobbyB 1:29 PM, July 17, 2007  

excellent discipline on carrying through the day.

get to know that feeling of running after walking. It will come in handy on IM WI race day.

Keep up the good work and good luck in Chisago.

qcmier 8:11 AM, July 18, 2007  

Glad the knee is holding up. I broke up with my phyiscal therapist several months ago and I'm a so happy now.

One way to combat IM training weight loss is to hit the weight room.

Lance Notstrong 4:37 PM, July 18, 2007  

I think my wife is trying to fatten me up too. All she buys is crap.

Sixteen Chickens 10:25 PM, July 19, 2007  

It's been too long since I visited your blog, I didn't even know you were doing IMOO. Good luck and I'll try to come back more often.
P.S. I enjoyed reading the WIBA report, but the ankle photos not so much.

RunBubbaRun 5:57 AM, July 20, 2007  

Make sure the wifey dies not fatten you up to much, another hairy sweaty plump guy on the IM course might not be a pretty site in a speedo..

Walking during a run, I do it all the time, just think of as a sietsa.

Glad your done with the thearpist. Good job on your HIM sim.

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