Outdoor Run! (With A "Find")

>> Saturday, March 06, 2021

The ice is finally going away to where I feel safe enough to run outside again! As I've said a bunch in the past, it's not that I'm afraid of falling when it's icy. It's that when it's slick out, I change my form enough (not on purpose) to try not to slip (sort of "running tight") that I end up injuring my knees. So I've been JUST FINE with running on the treadmill over the last 3 months.

38 degrees yesterday morning: just icy around the edges of our sidewalk.

I took a different route to get to the river to avoid some not-so-great sidewalks. And I actually found a dollar in the gutter just 0.2 miles into my run, so I ran with this nasty bill in my fist for the majority of the run:

Also: temps around freezing call for shorts and calf sleeves.

I ran north around Town and Country Golf Course so I could run on a quiet street to avoid the ice, and then down the wide bollard protected bike lanes on Pelham on the west side of the golf course:

A loop around the river with a different route to get there and to get home.

My Garmin showed lots of runs in Novemeber before we got
lots of snow/ice, then ONE in Dec and ONE in Feb (that red Jan
run was a treadmill run where my regular watch wasn't working).

I don't think I'm done on the treadmill for the season, but I hope to be getting outside more regularly! (And it's not going to work for today's ride, but I hope to get my bike outside soon as well!)


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