February in Review: NEARLY Perfect!

>> Thursday, March 04, 2021

Jeez, February looked GOOD:

First of all, my weeks run Mon-Sun, and February fit in there as 4 perfect weeks, so that's sweet.

Secondly, I had running weeks of 21.0 to 21.6 miles, every M/W/F.

Third, my strength work was consistent between 8 hr 17 mins and 8 hr 44 mins each week.

And finally, I had Tu/Th/Sat trainer rides each week EXCEPT for the last Tuesday. Notice there's an "injury" note that day. My left foot (the one that kept me from running over a year ago) started feeling sore after my long run the day before (and notice my run that day was my "shortest long run" in months as I didn't want to overdo it on the cool down). It's fine, but I decided to not ride on the 23rd as to not piss it off any more. And I decided to not ride AFTER I realized that I would have had a monthly trainer time PR if if HAD went for a ride... so I'm proud I was able to make that call! (I noted in my "January in Review" post that I hit 12 hr 14 mins on the trainer, and that was a monthly PR. I was at 12 hrs 7 mins for February with taking that last Tuesday off, so I could have smoked that PR if I weren't being so smart.)

- TRAINER: 12 hr 7 mins
- RUN: 84.85 miles
- STRENGTH: 34 hr 18 mins

I had some REALLY good strength workouts, and I'll have more on that in the next few days.


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