Solid Week of Strength, Biking, and Running!

>> Monday, February 22, 2021

Here's a snapshot of last week:

STRENGTH: 8.5 hours total. And my upper body days (Tu/Thu/Sat) were all good: Tues was 7 sets of solid upper body. Thurs was 5 sets (and I was still nicely sore from Tues). And Sat was 8 sets of circuits. Good burn throughout the week!

BIKE/TRAINER: I've had about 3 hours of trainer time/week going back through the end of December except for 1 week, and I had just over 3 hours last week. And some effort during the longer Thursday ride: 9 x (90 sec hard, 90 sec easy).

RUN: Just another nice week of running - it was my 2nd biggest week since around Thanksgiving. A descending long run on Monday (11 miles with 6 "harder" miles in the middle starting at 9.0 mph and speeding up 0.1 mph every 0.5 mile ending at 10.1 mph for the final half mile), and then 2 easier runs Wed and Fri.


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