Those Running Miles Snuck Up On Me...

>> Saturday, January 23, 2021

I hadn't checked my mileage on my running shoes for a while. I like to get between 300 and 350 mile on a pair of shoes - I feel like that's on the low side, but I tend to get injured, so that's how I roll.

When I checked my online log, I saw I was at 430 miles. Oops:

The first pair with 356 miles was retired months ago, and I just wear those out-and-about now (I need to remove them from my "gear log" on so they stop showing up). The pair that had 430 miles on them were the ones I was still running in. But I got a new pair before my Friday run:

My "daily wear" shoes (retired last year with 356 miles),
my JUST retired pair with 430 miles, and my NEW Sauconys!

The soles tell the story: REALLY beat up from miles of walking,
STARTING to get beat up from 430 miles of running, and FRESH.

The Hurricane 23s are a bit more tighter in the heel, and I hope that's not a problem. I switched to these shoes 10 months ago when I started running mainly because they were looser and softer around the back of my foot where I was having foot pain. (In the first shoe photo above, you can see that the 2 olders pairs of 22s are bigger and softer looking around the back of the heel, and the newer par of 23s isn't as soft and comes up a bit higher.)


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