Boys Back in School, But Still Running on the Treadmill

>> Monday, January 25, 2021

I posted this photo and caption on Thursday:

Caption: "First day of (back at) school! (With way more
supplies than the actual first day of school.)"

The boys' school always planned (well, "hoped") when they went remote around Thanksgiving to have a few weeks of pseudo-quarantine "at-home learning" after Christmas, and then start back "in-person" a bit later. And that's what happened!

I was wondering if I could get off the treadmill and actually head outside for a run on Friday when they were at school. My last outdoor run was December 20th, mainly because running on slick surfaces tend to screw-up my knee (as I change my running form to stay upright), but also partially because I can always hit the treadmill in the basement when I'm home with the boys. But we had a slushy storm about a week ago which left a lot of slick spots on sidewalks. It's been cold since, so many areas are frozen and icy.

We got another few inches of snow on Saturday night - at least this was light and fluffy. Here were some neighborhood pics from yesterday morning after Henry and I shoveled/blew everything:

Dusted with snow after blowing snow for 70 minutes.
(I had time so I did all the neighbors who hadn't gotten to it yet.)

Our driveway and our elderly neighbor's after I cleared it out.

Henry's shovel job in the backyard of our neighbor's house.

Front sidewalk. We only got 2-3 inches.

Our front steps. Areas that haven't been trampled and that have gotten
cleared right away are great, but there's a lot of packed ice in other places.

Alright, time for another long treadmill run this morning!...


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