Seven Miles!

>> Saturday, August 01, 2020

I started the month of May with a lot of "long runs" of around 4.5 miles. I ended May with a few over 5 miles. June was filled with long runs of around 5.5 miles, with 1 being 6.0 miles near the end. In July, all my long runs were over 6 miles, and I hit SEVEN miles on this earlier this week on my long run!

The "laps" are half-mile splits.

I did an extra 1.5 miles south of Ford Parkway when that's usually my turn-around! It felt like such a different run because I've never ran south of Ford. (Also, that meant mile 2.9 - 3.6 was all uphill on Montreal Ave.)

The week before, I did 6.53 miles at 6:45 pace on a flat bike path in Alexandria. But this past week, I held my pace just below 7s (6:57 ave) in this slightly warmer, more urban, and slightly hillier run with a lot more turning.

My wife signed up for the TC Marathon before it got turned into a "virtual" event, and now you can register for the "virtual" 10 Mile as well. (Side note: it will be my wife's 20th TC Marathon in 21 years!) I'm not planning on signing up for the 10 Mile, but I've really been thinking about doing my own 10 mile race (on the TC 10 Mile course because it's easy to remember and a beaut) around the first weekend in October when the 10 Mile and Marathon would normally be held. It would 100% be my slowest 10 Mile ever. Maybe I'll see if some of my teammates would like to join in for a race - maybe I can have my wife bike and host a water stop or 2 for us. I've been thinking about this, but I'm not totally commmited to the idea yet. Let's see how the next few weeks of longer runs pan out!


Evan Roberts 1:17 PM, August 02, 2020  

Just a humble visitor from Minneapolis, but if you’re looking for some nice alternatives that are quiet enough to run on the street Davern is a good north/south street. Mt Curve also pretty good parallel to Mississippi Blvd. East/West I’m partial to Laurel, Portland and Ashland which will basically take you all the way from the river to Western. Quiet enough to run on the asphalt road.

Steve Stenzel 8:59 PM, August 02, 2020  

Thanks Evan! But I'm pretty good with my Cleveland route. It's quite quiet, and then there's that bike lane to hop into if/when you meet someone on the sidewalk. I hadn't thought of Mt Curve - that could be something to try. And I'm very familiar with the other 3 as I lived on Ashland 2 times (from 99-00 and from 02-07). My only complaint going that way is getting stopped at "bigger" Snelling, and then having to get to Grand or Selby to cross Ayd Mill (as Summit's closed). I think that's why I don't head that way often.

Evan Roberts 2:20 PM, August 05, 2020  

I hear you, yeah, the “jog” out and back on those streets is a bother if you’re doing longer repeats. But I try to avoid streets like Cleveland where I’d have to run on the sidewalk if I’m running faster. Not a fan of concrete at high speed. I did a good 2 mile tempo up Portland and down Ashland between Cleveland and Snelling today, that was pretty good. Give Mt Curve a go, it’s nice. Woodlawn also parallel to the river, and fairly quiet. Today I also discovered Finn, which from Randolph to Grand was a nice flat tempo mile, just had to pause once at St Clair to cross the road. Lots of dog walkers tho’, obviously a popular walking street!

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