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>> Wednesday, June 14, 2006

(Every Friday, I post a “Friday Funny” as a way to enter the weekend with a smile. Click here to be taken to ONLY those posts.)

Besides those, below are my funniest / craziest / most embarrassing posts, listed in reverse chronological order. (All links open in a new window.)

1/26/10: Taking video while running a half marathon.

10/19/09: 5 mile tempo run with glitter in my urethra.

10/5/09: Farm animals dancing in the street to cheer for the runners of the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon.

9/30/09: Pro Triathlete Chris McDonald sent me his goggles after placing 5th at IM WI 09.

8/17/09: 100+ ways to know if you’re a triathlete. I keep adding to this list...

6/28/09: Grilling food in nothing but some short yellow shorts. (Note: click here for more on that event, and click here for more photos.)

6/3/09: A bad case of runner’s trots. Graphic. Amazing.

5/12/09: A short story about running. Not really funny, but it should put a little smile on your face. Inspiring.

4/29/09: Photos from the wettest and coldest duathlon ever. (Here’s my official race report for that duathlon.)

4/18/09: My wife won the bet about my black toenails.

2/3/09: The second time I froze my penis.

1/26/09: Coldest and most epic race report with the best photos of frozen faces!!

1/12/09: Awkward photos of how I got into a life of running.

12/20/08: My wife told me to go tanning. It didn’t end well.

11/8/08: Running a 6K dressed as a giant tomato.

12/16/08: The night I popped a blister on my foot.

10/25/08: Running a 5K in a Grim Reaper outfit, and then cheering for a half marathon with horrible dance moves.

10/19/08: Why you should NOT fart in a wetsuit.

10/6/08: Cheering as farm animals at the 2008 TC Marathon.

10/2/08: Appearance in a local newspaper in my undies. (Note: here’s the race report that goes with the above photo, and it’s written in rhyme!)

9/7/08: Dancing in a Grim Reaper costume after finishing a Half Ironman. (Note: here’s part 1 of that race report, here’s part 2, and here are the official race photos.

8/25/08: How to get over the end of the 2008 Olympic Games.

8/14/08: The REAL Reason Ultra Runners Do It.

8/5/08: Cheering at Steelhead 70.3 in the strangest outfit you’ll ever see.

7/23/09: “Cross training” at the lake with a Razor Scooter.

7/15/08: Getting my chest waxed for the first and last time. (The audio was disable because I used part of the song “Crazy,” so I had to replace it with random, generic audio.)

4/20/08: Three signs of spring.

4/18/08: Nasty blood blister.

4/13/08: Doughnut Run race report (where you have to balance speed with Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Amazing.

3/3/08: Recipe for crotch rot. Yum.

2/7/08: After a little video editing, we’re left with the 22 dirtiest seconds of 8 minute abs.

1/20/08: Cold run with just a little bit of a frozen penis problem.

12/26/07: What my wife really wanted for Christmas.

12/12/07: The first time I froze my penis. (Here’s an update to that post.)

10/27/07: How to make your nipples bleed during a 5K.

10/8/07: TC Marathon cheering as huge farm animals.

9/21/07: The “first time” after my first Ironman.

8/15/07: The marks left after my cats lick all the sweat off of me.

8/1/07: Removing my chest hair for the first time.

6/22/07: Unjust blog rating.

5/2/07: “Skinny don’t put your heel to your butt...”

3/24/07: Wart chips.

2/15/07: Why bike shorts are black.

1/27/07: How to insult a triathlete.

1/12/07: Poem about swimming etiquette.

1/2/07: My new watch started talking to me.

12/27/06: Christmas card photo (in footie pajamas).

8/7/06: First 100 mile bike ride.

7/8/06: Poem about runners trots. Completely true.

6/21/06: A little about proper biking attire.

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